Notes taken 10/20/17 at the NASW GA Conference during the presentation of Dr. Richard L. Jones, PhD, MSSW (Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach, Chicago, Illinois).

  1. Social isolation is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day (in regards to the impact on health).
  2. Americans 60 years and older are experiencing their first instance of homelessness.
  3. Nearly half of all American households are financially insecure.
  4. There are now many computer based programs to help with anxiety.
  5. Enhancing parenting skills in family focused interventions will result in protection against depression in later life.
  6. Programs to reduce or prevent violence:
    4. Kids Count (Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  7. The highest percentage of uninsured adults live in the South (higher than any other region of the United States of America).
  8. The Brussel’s Health Care System allows for a free overnight hospitalization each year for an annual physical examination.
  9. Where you live, your skin color, and where you work, play, and pray determine how healthy you are.
  10. Zip codes in the United States determine how healthy you are.
  11. The healthcare system in Cuba have many of the most highly skilled and highly trained healthcare providers in the world.
  12. The Purina Dog Chow company’s research in regards to dogs is being looked at in reference to humans (the impact of nutrition on healthier and longer lives).
  13. Social isolation is a potent killer.
  14. The Apple Company is working on a fit-bit type device that can determine blood type


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