When your client expresses doubt about whether or not they can achieve a goal or feel disappointment about a perceived failure, you can help them break through these barriers and help them set a clear intention by re-framing and re-defining how they think and feel about it using these 10 questions.

  1. What did you envision in the past?  (What was your original goal or desire?)
  2. How did you expect the vision to manifest?  (What did they expect it to look like?)
  3. What outcome did you actually experience?
  4. What feelings did you feel because of that outcome?
  5. What did you label yourself because of the feelings you had about the outcome? (“I am a failure, a loser, unlucky, undeserving, stupid”?)
  6. What lessons can you learn from the outcome you experienced?
  7. On what outcome can you now focus?  (Help them identify a positive outcome.)
  8. What can you do differently, right now, to bring about a different outcome(Thoughts, Feelings, or Behavior)?
  9. How do you feel now that you have a new vision and now understand the lessons associated with your previous experience?
  10. What can you believe about yourself now as you focus on the new vision with these new feelings? (“I am deserving, successful, capable, resilient”).

Credit:  Janis R. Cohen, LCSW, THE INTUITIVE THERAPIST, http://www.janiscohen.com

(From the NASW GA Conference 2017)


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