When something good happens and I feel joyful the first thing I want to do is tell someone.  I get so happy I want to share it with someone!  I love to tell good news and when good things happen to me I want those I love to know immediately.  I don’t see it as bragging and only share out of excitement and thinking people who love me would naturally be happy for me.  Everyone, I have learned, is not happy for me and inevitably some will say something to bring me down (burst my bubble so to speak).  This is what’s known as a “kill-joy”.  Some people are “wet blankets” in that they like to dampen any positive experience with something negative.  The more modern-day way to describe this type of person is to refer to them as “haters”.  Haters are jealous, selfish, unhappy people who are resentful when good things happen to others (even those, especially those, they say they care about or love).  Recognize who these people are and do not even attempt to share your joy with them–they will try to steal it away or crush your enthusiasm in some way.  On the other hand, there are people who will be genuinely happy for you when you are doing well or are blessed with some great thing in your life.  You see, some people believe that there is only so much good, joy, and happiness to go around that if one person is happy or fortunate then it takes away from another person’s joy and happiness.  This is often referred to as a scarcity mentality.  The other type of people believe the world holds an abundant amount of possibility and that there truly is enough love, joy, happiness, and good to go around.  These people are often referred to as having an abundance mentality.  I do believe that good for one does not necessarily mean bad for another.  I don’t think we hurt anyone when we experience joy, contentment, love, blessings, and happiness.  I am sorry for people who are so unhappy with their lives that they begrudge others a sliver of joy.  In reality, it is not possible to lift yourself up by stepping on others.  Neither is it possible to find joy by destroying it for others.


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