One person says prayer is our greatest weapon and there other one says it’s laughter.  Which is it–laugher or prayer?  I don’t laugh much but I do pray.  I have experienced a tense situation dissolve when humor if brought in.  Humor, as a defense or de-escalation technique, can work but it can also back fire.  Sometimes humor can come across as being mean or sarcastic.  In general, laughter has been shown to have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing.  Prayer, too, has been incredibly effective in my personal and professional life.  I have prayed for divine intervention and have been blessed by seeing it happen.  There are times I have made a huge error in judgement, realized it immediately, and prayed for help which I received.  When people ask for proof of God’s existence I can’t really provide it (I don’t think it works that way).  What I do know is that I, personally, have been provided proof of God’s existence by God himself.  I challenge anyone who truly does want to know if God is real to simply ask God (in Jesus’s name) to show himself–to prove himself.  If the heart wants to know then God will supply the proof.  On the other hand, if the heart does not really want to know and has already made a decision to reject whatever proof or evidence regardless, then this too will be validated.  The wonderful thing about God (the one who is the father of Jesus) is that he does not want our love, devotion, or worship if it is not freely and willingly given.  Love cannot be forced, manipulated, or coerced into being–free will (and free choice) is respected by God and God will not beg, bully, or trick us into believing (only Satan does that).

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