It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them (Mark Twain).  I never understood people who cheat at games and are happy when they win.  I never thought that was really “winning” and it seemed like it would be a very hollow victory.  The same is true for those who take credit for someone else’s work.  How can that be fulfilling?  Is it more important to look like you’ve done well even when you haven’t?  I can’t imagine feeling very good about myself if I received recognition for something I did not actually do.  Giving credit where credit is due seems more honorable.  When someone gains unjustly almost everyone knows it so the perception of looking good is false.  If someone thinks they look better when they have won by cheating or taken credit for someone else’s work they are only kidding themselves.  These individuals are not respected at all.  As I avoid playing games with people I know cheat at them, neither do I respect people who steal ideas or recognition.  I hope I am never guilty of either myself.  I truly don’t want something that I did not acquire honorably.  It seems cursed to me.


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