Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker is sorry (Mark Twain).  I’m not so sure there are very many people who will be sad when I die.  I think I would be missed only very briefly and maybe every now and then.  I can think of people who were so well liked that most, if not all, people were sad to see them go. I think of how devastated I was when I heard Robin Williams died and how he died.  I even had nightmares afterwards.  I dreamed I knew he was going to die by suicide and I kept thinking I needed to help him or stop him but was powerless to do so.  I still think of the tragedy of his death.  He was a pubic figure so I did not really know him personally.  The  loss of great people such as Martin Luther King, Junior and John F. Kennedy, Junior also seem tragic such that the world has yet to recover from the losses completely.  Untimely death, in my opinion, is the worst of all.  When someone dies by suicide or is murdered there is a sense that something was cut short and we will always miss what would have been.  I, personally, do not have the impact on other people’s lives that would result in much change when I am gone.  I don’t necessarily feel bad about it.  I do have a sense of comfort in knowing that my blog will continue to post after I die because of my scheduled posts.  On the other hand, will one of my loved ones keep my blog going which will involve the annual fee?  I guess that will depend on whether it’s generating an income by that time.  I can’t imagine it would be continued otherwise.


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