Every day is a new day–one in which we have never lived before and will never live again.  We have an opportunity to start fresh.  We can let the past stay in the past and we can keep the future in the future.  Today is the day we are living now and today is what we have influence over.  Keeping our mind on the present and focusing on the here and now is one way to lessen the bonds of depression or to reduce the impact of anxiety.  Dwelling in the past can drop us in an emotional hole of guilt, regret, and sadness.  It can eat away at our self-worth as well as sap our energy.  Similarly, always worrying about the future or some imagined possibility erodes the peace, joy, and power of the present day.   Yesterday, indeed, is forever gone.  While we can learn from the past and savor pleasant memories, little good can come from reliving the past in our minds.  Constant imaginings about the future, aside from productive planning or goal setting, often contributes to the creation of the very things we are worrying about.  What we focus on becomes larger and more powerful.  Therefore, keeping our minds in the present, where we actually do have real influence and the ability to operate, is the more logical place to be.


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