After years and years of giving thousands of dollars annually to churches, my husband and I have decided to start our own charity. We filed all the paperwork and our charity is finally approved as a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit charitable organization (United States).  We realized we were accountable for how we manage our money and blindly giving charitable contributions to churches without taking the time to consider how the money is used, we believe, was irresponsible.  The churches we’ve been involved with over the years have provided minimal to no actual charity to people or the community.  The donations, instead, funded the building, the staff of the church, and most of all, the pastor and his family.  One thing that really concerned us is the lack of accountability for religious organizations in regards to reporting of finances.  After much prayer and thought, we founded VETERANS ONE HAND UP INC, as a charitable organization to serve Veterans in need.  Our current focus is Veterans of Georgia (United States) because the only donors are ourselves so we won’t have a huge amount to work with. On the other hand, our monthly donations will be enough to help a few Veterans each month and 100% of our donations will go directly to helping Veterans.  We are funding overhead costs out of our personal income  so all of the money donated to VETERANS ONE HAND UP INC will be reserved for charitable purposes.  We are extremely excited and feel very good about this decision.  Eventually I plan to apply for grants and hopefully we will be able to expand the number of Veterans we can help.  For more information about our charity see the organizations  page at: VETERANS ONE HAND UP INC.


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