Negative thoughts (which lead to negative emotions) do impact us in a variety of ways–none of which are good.  Our thoughts affect our brain and the release of chemical reactions in our body thus resulting in emotions (which then lead to behavior).  We can take ourselves from being fairly content to being suicidal in a matter of minutes just by the thoughts we allow ourselves to dwell on.  It is vital to take control of our thought processes and patterns.  We are wise to prevent negative thoughts and images from taking up residence in our mind.  A few bad thoughts, if left unchecked, can lead to a multitude of bad feelings.  Before long we are sick, depressed, discouraged, doubtful, and hopeless.  Whether it’s physical or spiritual (or a combination of both) there is some truth to message that it’s never in our best interest to allow negative thoughts (which lead to negative emotions) to prosper.


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