I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened (Mark Twain).  Anyone who has experienced excessive anxiety or worry understands instantly what this quote refers to.  Those of us with anxiety disorders (diagnosed or otherwise) know what it means to live in the grip of fear and to be consumed with anxiety or worry.  If we don’t constantly redirect our thoughts we can eat up hours of our day working through various worst-case-scenarios in our minds. Whether it’s walking out the back door or eating ice cream we can come up with dozens of things that could go tragically wrong.  Yes, it’s possible to die walking out our back door or eating ice cream.  People fall.  Haven’t you heard of Listeria?  It’s a horrible way to live and is relentless if not controlled. Whether with the aid of medications, therapy, or coping skills, it’s important to health, sanity, and quality of life to fight the tendency to catastrophize and ruminate on “what if’s”.   It’s a struggle but well worth the fight.


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