Aside from going to work every day, I am already living like I’m retired (Diane Webb).  We spend much of our lives waiting for something in the distant future.  We are not promised any future at all.  That’s why it’s important to live in the present.  Live your life now.  Do the things you want to do now.  See the places you want to see now.  Spend time with the people you love now.  Do not wait to live your life.  In whatever way and means you can, enjoy your life now.  Working is not a goal in and of itself.  It’s a way to met your goals.  It’s only ONE way though.  You do not have to build your life around work.  Work is work.  Life is life.  Don’t make the mistake of making work your life.  Sure, we engage in meaningful things at work.  Work, for some, is also a mission and a calling.  It doesn’t have to be a separate compartment of your life.  Be yourself 24/7 and keep  your goals and priorities part of your whole life.  Do what you can when you can. Don’t let employment interfere with your life purpose.  Some are fortunate enough for their employment to be in line with their life purpose.  Others have a life purpose in spite of their employment.  Regardless, don’t let the things you have to do completely derail the things you want to do.  Time is too short to waste a single minute waiting unnecessarily.  Live like you are already retired.


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