“No one’s expecting you to forget what happened here the other night, but I can promise you the memory will grow blurry as soon as you’re able to forgive.”  Ashley Farley, Saving Ben Holding on to grudges or hurts will only allow those things to fester.  As an infected wound creates more illness in us, so does unforgiveness.  Over time the lack of forgiveness makes us sick spiritually and physically. We only hurt ourselves when we hold on to unforgiveness.  Forgiving someone in our hearts releases the toxins from within us and allows us to continue moving forward, free from the burden of heartaches.  Whether someone asks for forgiveness or is even sorry is irrelevant.  We can forgive someone who does not regret hurting us.  It’s not so much about the other person as it is about ourselves.  We do not have to answer for what others do or not do. We do, however, have to account for ourselves.  When we are not able to forgive others, it’s not likely we will forgive ourselves.  It’s two sides to the same coin.  We can only be forgiving of our self when, and only when, we are able to forgive others. The negative effects of unforgiveness can have long-term consequences.

white and purple clustered elongated plant
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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