“She’d swallowed sadness before it became tears and chocked on anger until she nearly suffocated.”
 Eliza Maxwell, The Grave Tender  It’s not good for our health to hold in our feelings.  That doesn’t mean we need to pour our feelings out on those around us. There are ways, though, to express ourselves and our feelings without inflicting them on others.  Journaling or blogging helps some people.  Others express themselves through art, poetry, or music.  Expressing feelings does not have to involve other people.  Sometimes, just acknowledging emotions to ourselves helps move us forward.  We often deny, even to ourselves, that we are sad, mad, scared, or hurt.  Hiding our feelings from ourselves is very hard on our body.  We can, at least, admit to ourselves how we feel.  It’s not good to pretend we don’t feel what we feel and doing so can, ultimately, affect our physical and mental wellbeing.  We don’t have to understand why we feel the way we do.  We can, however, respect that we do feel what we feel even when we don’t understand why.

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