My mother use to say, “don’t worry what people say bad about you because your friends won’t believe it (even if it’s true) and your enemies will believe it (even if it’s not true)”.  There is no better illustration of this truth than watching social media in response to political parties and elected officials.  All manner of evil is attributed to opposed elected officials and parties while virtual saint hood is bestowed upon favored parties and elected officials.  There is absolutely nothing that can be said or done to sway someone else’s opinion when their mind is closed to discernment.  A clear indication that a person is not open to truth at all is whether they can admit or acknowledge there are SOME good things in a person they otherwise oppose.  To demonize someone else is to maintain that the individual (or group of individuals) is 100% awful with 0 redeeming qualities.  Logically (and statistically) no one is 100% wrong, bad, mean, evil, or despicable.  Anyone who fails to look at a person, issue, or group objectively and with an eye for actual truth (even when that truth contradicts our opinions, beliefs, and agenda) is to be listened to with caution.  I can’t get on any bandwagon with people that are not open to respectful and honest fact finding, discussion, or debate.  It’s  shame because some of these causes I actually support.  I just don’t want to be a mindless pawn in someone else’s game.

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