People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing (Dale Carnegie).  Our talents, skills, and gifts lie within those things we enjoy.  While we may good at many things, if we do not enjoy them we are not likely to be huge successes in that particular area.  On the other hand, if we stick with what we love, what we enjoy, we have a better chance of becoming successful.  Even if we are not successful by the world’s standards, we will be successful for having spent our time on earth doing things we enjoy.  We have all used services provided by someone we could tell did not like their job.  On the inside, there was a part of us that questioned the competency of the individual.  Our inner wisdom knows we are not likely to do a great job with something we do not like or hate doing.  Being adequate may get us by but to be truly successful we would be better served to align our time with those things we are good at and enjoy.  We all have our unique skills and talents.  That’s what makes the world so grand!  No one is exactly like another.  Be yourself and go with your own talents, skills, abilities, and passions.  This will put you on the path to feeling successful and accomplishing all that you can.  Have fun!


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