Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday (Dale Carnegie).  Worry really is a waste of time and energy.  If we are concerned about something then we can make plans to address it, strategize to avoid it, or strengthen ourselves to cope with it.  Worry, on the other hand, leads to nothing but more worry–it’s never productive.  Worry eats away at our contentment and ruins what we have right before us–our present. We can miss today by worrying about tomorrow. If you can’t stop worrying about something and cannot find a way to problem solve for a solution, turn the worry into prayer.  Pray against it, pray for it, or pray about it.  Prayer will be more productive than worry.  Worry is based in fear and prayer is based in empowerment.  Doing something is more helpful than doing nothing.  Sitting helplessly while worry swirls around in your head and body is not going to lead to anything beneficial.  You decide what is best for you–to spend your time and energy worrying or doing something else instead.


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