Be wiser than other people if you can; but do not tell them so (Dale Carnegie).  It will not win friends or influence people to point out when we are right or when we know more than the other person.  An ounce of humility goes a long way.  People do know when they are wrong but do not appreciate being told so.  Let silence rule when we know we are right.  In the middle of an argument or debate stop and say “well, I could be wrong”.  Amazingly the other person will often begin defending our side of the disagreement when we admit we could be wrong!  It seems the stronger we fight for our side the harder the other person fights against it.  There is some truth to the power of non-resistance and loosening up on the position we hold.  We may be 100% correct, know it, and can prove it.  However, if a person is not ready to receive the truth then our insistence will only erect a stronger barrier.  It’s far better and more influential to leave the possibility open that we could be wrong and the other person could be right.  While I often say “I could be wrong” out loud, in my mind I’m thinking “but I don’t think so”.  Regardless, it’s less acrimonious not to be so firm in a stance as to eliminate the possibility the other person knows more than we do.  Humility wins friends while arrogance ensures enemies.


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