A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still (Dale Carnegie).  We really can’t force someone to believe something they don’t believe.  We can brow-beat people into verbally agreeing with us (just to make us shut up) but that does not mean they really believe in their heart.  In sales we learned to make people say “NO” seven times before we accept the “NO”.  People, in general, seem to use this strategy without even learning it.  It’s very harassing to me for someone not to take “NO” for an answer.  On the other hand, I do prepare myself to say “NO” seven times if I need to.  I am not likely to change my mind when I am being pressured or badgered into agreement.  I have been less and less polite in resisting pressure after the second or third “NO”.  I don’t believe in pressuring someone to agree with me.  In the end it’s counter-productive.  Achieving one sale by approaching the customer seven times when they say “no” is not ultimately a good business practice.  People can and will return items later. They can also warn their friends and family to stay away from the business or product.  If something is really good then it’s not necessary to manipulate people into agreeing to it.  If a truth is a truth then eventually it will float to the top and reveal itself for what it is.  Respecting people to hear or not hear what you want to say and allowing each individual the opportunity to decline or say “no” the very first time will lead to better and lasting relationships.  All we really need to do is offer once and back off so people can discern for themselves what is true and what is false.



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