We are told to accept ourselves but in what way?  Is there a right way?  Do we ever really look at ourselves through our own eyes rather than through the eyes of others?  To truly accept ourselves we would be better served to look at ourselves without the added wondering of what others think of us.  We are naturally able to decide for ourselves what standards apply.

Take a day to consider how often you compare yourself to others or compare your own accomplishments by an external standard.  Separate yourself from the opinions of others, the social standards, the media, and other measures imposed on you from the outside.  If you truly don’t consider someone else’s possible opinion or standard, would it make a difference in how you see yourself?  Is it conceivable you would not be so hard on yourself if you could just simply be yourself and live up to only your own understanding of how you could be?

Most of us do have an internal compass designed to guide us through life.  We have an instinct that, if listened to, would likely help us make better decisions and more healthy choices for ourselves.  Let’s jump off the Merry-Go-Round of constant comparison of ourselves with culturally imposed standards of beauty, success, and behavior. Let’s just be ourselves whether others approve or not.  Life truly is too short to stay in a perpetual state of adolescence where the opinions of others hold more weight than our own.

high angle view of lying down on grass
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