I was going to say “Alzheimer’s sucks” but I didn’t want to be inappropriate.  But it really does–suck I mean.  My poor sweet father seemed to be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s for years.  Then, suddenly, his condition deteriorated in a matter of weeks.  I honestly don’t know how it happened so fast.  He went from being forgetful and having difficulty coming up with words to not knowing anyone, thinking he is fishing, and becoming physically aggressive.  He went missing for over three hours in the hot, hot month of August (a deadly situation in South Georgia, U. S. A.).  He went missing again for an hour or so.  He became aggressive and ended up in jail a few days while the local law enforcement tried to figure out what to do because he was obviously demented.  He had attacked my step-mother and she had to call 911 (emergency medical services) for help. He finally went to a geriatric-psychiatric unit for stabilization and then was planned for discharge to a nursing home.  My step-mother decided to take him home again instead of letting him go to a nursing home (and I’m thankful she did).  Now we are all on pins and needles.  We (my sisters and I) are sick with worry for him and her both.  She did agreed to the medication and finally realized he would be medicated if he were in a nursing home.  She said “at least this way he can be home”.  He is definitely medicated now so hopefully he will not become aggressive again.  I want to cry and it’s such a helpless feeling with this horrible illness.  I want my father to have some comfort, peace, and quality of life during his last days on earth.  I don’t want him treated like an animal.  My brave step-mother is doing so much to help him and taking a great chance since she is the one he targeted most with his aggression.  It seems he does not remember who she is anymore so this strange lady is in his house.  I hope no one ever has to watch a loved one struggle with this disease like this.  It is devastating.  This man has lived his entire life and work most of it.  It is so sad that he cannot enjoy his time now and is incapacitated in such a manner.  This is not what I was led to believe Alzheimer’s was like.  I’ve read things that made it sound like the person is happy because they are living moment to moment and only the family has a problem.  This is not true.  My father is confused and does not know who anyone is or even where he is.  He must be scared.  How could he not be?  How could he possibly have felt being incarcerated in such a mental condition.  He would not understand.  He would not want his freedom of movement being restricted like it is.  He always stayed outside most of every day only coming in when it was too dark.  This is just awful.  I have no other words.  It’s just awful.  I have distorted the picture of my father and step-mother to protect their privacy.  (9/30/2017)



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