TRIGGER WARNING!  DON’T READ THIS IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED OR HAVE ALLERGIES YOU EXPECT OTHER PEOPLE TO WORK AROUND!  I’m just venting here and you can agree or not.  In my opinion, the two most overused control tactics are saying “I’m offended” or “I’m allergic”. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse.  If we aren’t being asked to adjust our speech, opinions, postings, or our very existence to accommodate people who are “offended” then we are being asked to change what we wear, what lotion we use in public, what perfume to put on (or not put on), and what to serve at our functions to work around people’s “allergies”.  It reminds me of an old Chinese proverb “it’s easier to wear shoes than to carpet the whole world”.  Well, there are people now who think the entire world should be carpeted just for them.  If you have allergies then take precautions before going into public or going to a setting where other people exist.  Wear a mask, a portable respirator, or whatever you need.  Wouldn’t wearing a respirator mask better meet your need for pure air?  Don’t ask me to stop wearing perfume or stop using hand cream in public because the smell bothers you.  I have strong doubts about the validity of some people’s so-called-allergies or at least the severity of them.  I think many people use so-called allergies as a control tactic and nothing more.  It’s presented as some sort of medical condition that simply MUST be accommodated by everyone around them.  Unlike any other medical condition, the public at large is expected to adjust for “allergies” although people with other medical conditions take responsibility for their own health and well-being.  People with legitimate life threatening allergies take their medications with them (such as their epi-pen, their inhaler, or whatever they need to remain safe).  I just read an article about a women with pet allergies who demanded other customers on a plane remove their dogs (which is what triggered this rant).  Now, if these dogs were on a plane then they were service animals.  Someone was blind or had some sort of condition that qualified them for a service animal.  I believe in my heart that this person with “pet allergies” was so envious of people having medically certified conditions that warranted special treatment that she had to try to trump that privilege with her “allergies”.   Seriously, I have been allergy tested and did test positive for pet allergies as well as an allergy to a common ingredient of perfume (among about 100 other substances I am allergic to).  So, I take antihistamines when I know I’m going to be around other people’s pets (never mind I seem to do just fine with my own cat–in the house).  I also wear perfume.  Sure, some perfume makes me sneeze and other perfume makes me gag.  I sneeze my sneeze and gag my gag and move on with my life.  I have had asthma triggered by an environmental agitate–I took my inhaler with me when I went out.  I can assure you that being on a plane with someone else’s pet in another seat would not have triggered an allergy attack (keep in mind I have medical testing to prove I am allergic to pet dander too).  I would have had to touch those animals and then touch my face.  I would have had to put my nose on their fur.  While some allergies are, indeed, real and life threatening (I don’t dispute that at all). People with real allergies, especially life threatening ones, don’t count on being accommodated in every location they grace with their presence.  No, they, instead, take precautions, medications, and antidotes with them in the event they are inadvertently exposed.  I am truly sick of people who use their various ideologies and pretend sensitivities to control everyone around them.  This is how I distinguish between people with real allergies and people with supposed or controlling allergies–people with controlling allergies use their allergies to control other people. It’s as simple as that.  The restaurant the group goes to has to be pre approved by the control allergy person.  The menu at the gathering has to be approved by them as well.  If you use lotion they have to approve the brand first.   People with real allergies take steps to protect themselves without drawing undue attention and without demanding unreasonable accommodation.  I’m sure many people will disagree with me and I am surely offending someone as well.  I say if I offend you stay away from me and if my perfume, cat, or gluten threatens your very life force then please, also, stay away from me to save your own life.  I really would rather not be around you either.  Controlling people are not the kind of people I chose to associate with if I can get away from it.  There that is.


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