Of all things, I liked books the best (Nikola Tesla).  I, too, like books the best.  On any given day I am on two different books.  One book I listen to on my commute back and forth to work (audio) and the other book I read at night before I go to sleep.  I became attached to reading at a very young age.  I remember reading during breaks at school when I had no friends (being the new kid in class).  Now I still read when feeling awkward and out-of-place.  Having a phone now with a book application makes it easier than ever to pull out my book and read.  I read on my lunch break at work just like I read during lunch at school or between classes.  I read to learn and I read to escape.  I read to keep my mind full so I don’t have to think about things I don’t want to think about.  I read to avoid conversation in social situations I am uncomfortable in.  I read when I am happy, sad, worried, confident, scared, or bored.  I have never found the pleasure in movies that I have found in reading books.  It’s not possible for a one or two-hour film to enrich the mind and imagination like a 12-20 hour book can.  The detail and richness of the written word cannot be replaced or duplicated.  The lack of pictures encourages–even forces–the mind and imagination to supply the content needed. Without thinking I automatically picture the people, setting, and landscapes described in the book.  I know I’ve interpreted the author well when I watch a film based on a book and find the characters and scenes exactly as I pictured them when reading the book.  The very best adaptation of a film from a book, in my opinion, is THE GREEN MILE.  While virtually everything was exactly as I imagined it would be, and the movie stayed true to the book, the only difference was in the depiction of Coffee.  Although I did imagine him looking the same way, the movie version portrayed him as a little more simple-minded than I envisioned from reading the book.  Regardless, it was an excellent book and a remarkable movie.


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