If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world (Nikola Tesla).  When Tesla said this, he was speaking to a specific person.  He used “your” instead of just saying “If hate could be turned into electricity…”.  I’m sure someone, somewhere knows who he was talking to.  I don’t.  I just think it speaks well of the character of Tesla to respond this way to hate.  In Tesla’s day, the hate directed at him was really hate.  People in power deliberately sabotaged his success.  Today, hate is defined as simply not agreeing with someone else or daring to have a different belief system than someone else.  It baffles me still how one group can hate another group because that second group disagrees with a philosophy or social stance.  It’s so ironic to hate someone you accuse of hating someone else.  The logic is completely lost on me.  Social acceptance changes from generation to generation.  What is socially acceptable to one generation is socially unacceptable in another generation.  Right now, it’s cool to be the same as everyone else.  Regardless of what the actual issue is, as long as you accept what the majority accepts then you are acceptable.  On the other hand if you are in the minority and disagree with the majority opinion or “cause of the day” then you are the one ostracized.  In a way it actually is the same now as it was in Tesla’s time.  Nikola Tesla did not agree with putting money and profit over the good of the people and the earth.  Nikola Tesla assumed everyone would feel the same way and would put the good of all ahead of the profit of a few.  This purity of heart on his part is why he was always fighting against those in power even when he did not realize it.  The people who originally were his allies secretly worked against him and his ideas because they knew it would ultimately affect their personal profit margin if Tesla’s inventions materialized.  To intentionally block the prosperity and success of another for personal gain or profit is a clear sign of hate.  When we hate someone we do not want good for that person.  We do not want that person to succeed or prosper.  We do not want that person to be content or at peace.  That is hate.  Even if the person or group of people are very different from you and represent everything you are against, if you wish that person or that group harm or evil then you, too, are guilty of the very hate you are against.  You do not have to agree with people to love them.  You do not have to even like people to love them.  If you know in your heart they are wrong and you care about them as people then gently try to open their eyes to the truth.  You will not reach anyone through hollering or throwing things at them.  There is no place for name-calling in a humane, civil society.  Look at the true revolutionaries in history who accomplished great social change without harming a single person.  Those are the true leaders with Nikola Tesla among them.  He was a gentle soul who had a great love for humanity.  We enjoy many of his inventions while he received little credit and even less profit from them.  He is a success because of what he gave to mankind–not by what he received in return.  ( 2017)



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