I never want to intentionally hurt someone’s feelings.  Sometimes people choose to get their feelings hurt when I write what I think or feel (about myself).  When this happens, I look carefully at what I said to see if I was, indeed, inappropriate or abusive in any way.  I also consider it’s possible what I’ve said has been interpreted though the other person’s mental filter of which I have no control.  I find, typically, I have not said or done anything that would cause me to feel responsible for someone else’s feelings.  In other words, I am being assertive but not aggressive or abusive. I write to get things off my chest, out of my head, and move past my own hurts.  I try very hard to look at my blogs before I schedule them to make sure I’m not directing anger, hurt, or blame at any one person in particular.  At the same time I am careful not to censure myself to the point I’m restricting my own self expression.  I have no control over how other people feel or what they say.  We all need to take care of ourselves in whatever way works for us.


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