I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the more I express myself, the less problems I have with my voice.  I was having serious problems talking, had developed a throat nodule, and had days on end where I could hardly speak at all.  Since I’ve started voicing my opinion more and basically being myself out loud, I’ve had very few days of laryngitis.  In fact, it’s been over a year (maybe closer to two) since I’ve had problems with my throat affecting my ability to speak.  I believe there is a connection between when I stifle my own words, choke back what I want to say, and repress any personal opinions with losing my voice.  I literally and figuratively lose my voice when I silence myself.  I feel so much better now when I say what I want to say without fear.  I can tell I am sleeping better and having less physical problems overall.   I am thankful I discovered blogging and have been using it to not only ditch some baggage I’ve been carrying around but also to keep things from building back up inside.  I highly recommend it!  It’s the ultimate therapeutic writing. May 22, 2018

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