Can you honestly love a dishonest thing (John Steinbeck)?  Yes, you can honestly love a dishonest thing.  More accurately, you can (and do) love people who lie.  I do.  I use to think I could not bear to have a relationship with someone who lies to me.  That would leave me no one–not even myself.  Some people say, “to err is human”.  I say, “to lie is human”.  I don’t know why we lie but we do.  While I find my own untruths justifiable and sometimes even noble, it’s still dishonesty.  It’s easy to judge someone else’s dishonesty as unacceptable–“they lie when the truth would be better”.  It’s not our place to judge.  It’s our place to forgive and sometimes overlook.  No one is perfect and neither are we.  If we are going to set high standards for others we need to be mindful of our own failings.  More likely it’s those very weaknesses, vices, and bad habits we hate in others that we need to work on most within ourselves.  Have a great day and keep your lies to a minimum!


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