When I think about how many years I spent in my life working toward some future goal I regret all the lost time.  Every time I reached one of the goals or milestones another one would quickly take it’s place.  It was as if I was always waiting for my “real life” to begin.  It’s only been in recent years that I stopped doing this and started living my life to the fullest in the present.  Instead of working toward the next goal (which would be retirement now), I simply started living today, to the best of my ability, the same way I would if I were retired.  The only thing I can think of I would do when I retire is travel and go out to eat.  Now, my husband and I travel and go out to eat as much as we can.  There really is no need to wait to enjoy life.  None of us are promised even one more minute so all we really have is today.  Let’s not get to the end of our life and realize we never lived.  We all can think of people who died shortly after retirement and it’s a sinking feeling when this happens.  We feel so bad that person basically worked until they died.  We can do with a lot less income and a lot less stuff to make room for some quality in our lives right now.  Most people don’t get to enjoy the “security” they amass and it’s only left as an inheritance for others to fight over when they die.  While I do want my children to have a decent inheritance (and they will even if it’s just some insurance money), I also want to enjoy a bit of my own life.  My advice is to seize what dreams you can in the present, save enough for emergencies, but live your life now and stop counting on some future life you may not even get a chance to live. May 2018.

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  1. I totally agree. I feel many people don’t live really. They think they will be happy when they reach their next goal, next promotion, but they are really not.

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