I used to be so timid about sharing my thoughts and feelings.  I don’t know what I expected people to do.  It was like telling someone what I was thinking or how I was feeling was giving them part of me that they could do something terrible with.  It is part of me in a way but what I’ve realized now that I’ve been blogging a while is that no one really cares much anyway.  For me to have carefully guarded what I posted and where I posted it was kind of arrogant when I think about it.  Something so simple as making a contrary comment on a public page to total strangers use to worry me to no end.  Now that I’ve been sharing progressively more sincere, personal thoughts and feelings, I discovered that absolutely nothing bad has happened as a result.  I’ve been almost disappointed in the lack of negative responses because one of my goals was to get use to people not agreeing with me or not liking what I have to say.  In the entire time I’ve been expressing myself more openly, I’ve only had two negative responses (on public pages from strangers).  I was not even tempted to go back and delete my comments.  I did not reply or challenge the negative comments.  I did “like” one and “love” one so they would know I saw their opinions.  In the overall scheme of things (one of my favorite sayings) life goes on whether I’ve pleased someone or not.  People have their own problems to deal with so we can all just be human together–good and bad alike.

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