The more right I think I am, the more wrong I am shown to be.  If I have to confess my greatest fault, I admit it is pride.  Call it pride or call it arrogance–it’s my biggest failing.  I try to catch myself and stop myself although I don’t always succeed.  It’s true that “pride cometh before a fall”.  I know when it’s happened because the humiliation hits me square in the face.  I have learned from experience that the more convinced I am that I am right (and someone else is wrong) then I am shortly going to experience a very humbling lesson.  The worse I am with my pride or ego, then the worse the humiliation will be.  I sure hate learning that lesson.  It’s embarrassing to say the least.  But, when it happens, I know I did it to myself.  I regroup, recommit to fighting pride, and move on the best I can.  I strive not to make decisions out of pride, avoid arrogance, and look for the humbler, meeker path when I can take it.  It reminds me of a quote by Benjamin Franklin that says something to the effect of “I could never master the virtue of humility and if I had I would instantly be proud of it” (paraphrased).



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