Well, my life just took a sobering turn.  Apparently my husband, Ray,  hates every second of playing Monopoly which happens to be my favorite table game.  He even won this last game (sadly the very last time we will ever play Monopoly together).  Who knew after over a dozen years of marriage that Monopoly was such a strain on our relationship.  Ray finds it incredibly stressful and cannot say that even one minute of playing has been enjoyable.  He truly is a terrible Monopoly player not-with-standing the fact he’s beaten me twice solely on the strength of owning all four railroads.  The last victory he won with railroads was against me owning an entire side (with the red and yellow properties).  Ray claims my luck took a turn for the worst when I deliberately did not tell him I landed on one of his properties until it was too late for him to collect the rent.  It was surely down hill from there.  Not only did I land on income tax twice around (keeping me from colleting my $200 twice–the board we were using did not have a 10% option), but I landed on his flipping railroads incessantly thereafter until I was truly bankrupt.  Before I had sufficiently recovered from this humiliating defeat he then drops the hammer telling me he hates the game.  Is there an online Monopoly community I can play with?

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