I was marveling the other day at how awesome my cat is.  Our relationship is perfect.  We don’t give or take anything at all from each other. We just co-exist, side by side.  There is a quiet presence that says, “I’m here for you, and that’s all”.  It’s enough.  Having her sit with me, by me, on me, or near me is enough. It speaks volumes.  It tells me I am liked enough to be near without needing or wanting anything from me.  Strangely, if I do try to offer something in return (like conversation, petting, or other ways we interact with cats, she gets up and leaves).  It’s as if to say, “you’ve gone too far now”.  I finally get it.  I get why people love their cats so much.  They are wonderfully designed to provide what we all need and can’t put our finger on. We simply want someone to be with us.  We don’t want advice, entertainment, gifts, or long conversations.  We just want to know that someone is there with us because they want to be and for no other reason at all.  We want to enjoy the comfortable silence that comes from deep connection, a bond that requires no words, no proof, no work, no sacrifice.  The relationship itself is the reward, the goal, and the benefit.  Share about your pet (even if it’s not a cat). By the way, Pepper (my cat friend) is the one peaking out of the blue bag. April 15, 2018

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