My only concern with drinking an extra cup of coffee in the morning is that I might accidentally socialize with someone at work.  Then they might expect it every day.  I do have to give a disclaimer to my co-workers when I’ve had too much coffee.  I get embarrassingly chatty which is not like me at all.  I also get grandiose ideas and have to be careful not to over-obligate myself when I’m under the influence of caffeine.  I find the one cup helpful and motivating (as it should be).  I can focus better, get more work done, and never miss a beat in the thought process.  Two cups of coffee puts the benefits in overdrive.  I am very sensitive to substances and do have to be careful with the caffeine.  No one believes me but if I drink an extra cup of coffee any later than 9AM, I’m unable to sleep that night.  The one cup does not seem to cause a problem.  Alcohol is the same way (but that’s another blog topic entirely).  How does coffee affect you? April 15, 2018

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