Some of my posts were written and scheduled a year in advance.  When they post (finally) I am embarrassed at what they say.  It’s hard to believe I was in that place emotionally a year ago.  I am tempted to delete them or update with a disclaimer.  I don’t because it’s helpful to see where I’ve been and where I am now.  It could be a benefit to someone else who may still be where I was emotionally or even be helpful as a comparison (like a bad example of what you don’t want to be like).  In general, my posts in the mornings (AM eastern standard time) are scheduled a year or so in advance whereas the ones posting in the afternoon or evening (PM eastern standard time) are closer to the present (maybe a few weeks in advance).  When the morning post is compared to the evening post it’s like two different people.  I am finding the blog has helped me recognize, process, and resolve many issues that have eaten at me for years.  The benefit is obvious when posts are compared from one year to the next.  What bothered me last year is really nothing to me this year.  That is the best part of blogging.  The same things do not keep swirling around in my head ruining my life.  Once it’s blogged, it’s out of me and into the vast space of the universe, to dissolve harmlessly in the atmosphere.  I highly recommend it. How has blogging helped you?  (April 15, 2018)

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