I can handle what I have to handle when I have to handle it (although it may not be very gracefully). One of the best ways to increase your anxiety and stress is to tell yourself “I can’t handle it”.  In reality, you really can “handle it” although you may be a blubbering mass on the floor as you do so.  “Handling it” only means to get through it one way or another.  We don’t have to smile, remain calm, looked poised, be graceful, or otherwise act like we are not upset or bothered.  We are handling it whether we are crying, screaming, stressing, or spitting.  Most of us have “handled” much worse than what we say we “can’t handle” now.  Oh, we handle it alright.  We handle what is before us and what is against us as it comes and when it comes.  What choice do we have?  We either make it or we die.  As long as we are still breathing we have handled it–we are handling it–whatever IT is.


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