One of the most wonderful things about my childhood when we moved to Georgia was living on the family land.  My grandmother and grandfather had about 800 acres of land and all of us cousins had free run of it all.  We spent many summer days roaming around, visiting regular land marks, and exploring sections rarely visited.  On one such day, my cousin Jim and I set out with our canteens to explore.  Jim was more familiar with the lay of the land than I was because he had lived on this land most of his life. I, on the other hand, lived in Jacksonville, Florida until age 12.  Jim and I set off for the power lines (the strip of cleared land where the power lines ran between our grandparents land and the neighbors  land).  We made it to the power lines, stayed a bit, and then headed through the planted pines to find our way back to the dirt road.  The dirt road ran from Jim’s house on the south end to grandma’s house on the north end (granddaddy was deceased by then).  If you’ve ever been in planted pines you’ll know how quickly it begins to look the same regardless of which direction you look.  Thus it was for us.  Where once it was clear which way to walk we suddenly became disoriented.  Every way looked the same and I believed we were truly lost.  Not to fear.  We both began to pull knowledge and wisdom from deep inside about how to find our way out of woods when lost.   We looked for the moss that is supposed to grow on the north side of trees.  We looked at the sun and tried to decide what it meant for the sun to be where it was.  Eventually Jim pointed and declared, “this is the way” and off we went directly to the dirt road.  I’m pretty sure he knew the way the whole time.  He’d been there before.  Those were great times!  What great memory do you have of your childhood and woods?  Please share in the comments if you will.

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