“I hope, or I could not live.” (H. G. Wells).  Hope is the single most important thing humans need to survive.  Without hope we give up and sink into despair.  Without anything to look forward to, life is bleak indeed.  When hope is absent a person’s life is at risk.  People will die without hope.  The greatest thing you can do for another person is help them have hope.  Encouragement is free and easy to give.  It’s important non-the-less.  If you are trying to help someone and don’t know what to do, just be there for them, encourage them, and help them see there is hope for a better tomorrow. Remind them of what they’ve already survived and help them draw strength from the opportunity of a new day, a new chance, and new opportunity.  In the worst of situations there is something to be thankful for and something to hope for.  As long as we have life, we have hope.  Don’t give up!  How have you helped someone have hope?  Please share in the comments.

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