“There’s truths you have to grow into.” (H. G. Wells).  Truth is inside all of us and no one knows what’s best for us better than we ourselves know.  We don’t always acknowledge, admit, or accept the truth–but we still know what it is.  That’s why it’s not necessary to tell people what their flaws are or what they need to do to improve themselves.   Do we really think people don’t know what their weaknesses are or where they need to change unless we tell them?  No one is waiting around for us to enlighten them with our words of wisdom on how they need to live their lives.  We truly need to focus on our own faults, bad habits, and shortcomings instead of those around us.  It’s only a diversion anyway which serves to keep us from facing ourselves and improving our lives.  While we are pointing out someone else’s flaws they are looking squarely at ours.  In the end, we each make our own decisions about ourselves and our lives.  We decide which areas we want to improve and which ones we are happy with just as they are.  We do, in fact, exercise our right to keep certain bad habits, personality quirks, and poor choices.  We have the right to fail, to be barely adequate, or less than our greatest potential.  It’s less stressful.  What bad habit, trait, or choice have you decided to hold onto?  Please share in the comments.

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