If you fell down yesterday, stand up today (H. G. Wells).  Get back up and keep trying.  Don’t give up.  A relapse or regression on one or more days does not erase the successes.  If you’ve gone one week without falling and had one bad day you are still successfully moving forward.  Don’t fall for the prevailing assumption that a mistake or relapse completely erases prior success.  Success is measured by how quickly you stand back up after falling and how long you go between falls.  If you are struggling to overcome an addition, give yourself credit for the days (or hours) of success.  If you’ve reduced your number of days of substance use by even one day when comparing one year to the next then you have made progress.  You are not starting from square one simply because of a relapse.  Every effort to recover counts. Every attempt matters.  You are moving forward and making progress in recovery simply by continuing to try.  Do not dwell on the bad days or the perceived failures.  Focus on the successful days and the days (or minutes) you did not use.  You, just like everyone else, are human.  Humans are not perfect. Instead of putting yourself down if you happen to have a broken chip, rejoice in the fact that you did not give up.  If you have an entire drawer of broken chips then consider what a great and persistent survivor you are.  Look how many times you did not give up because of a relapse!

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