Deep experience is never peaceful (Henry James).  Living life to the fullest involves risk, stress, set-backs, and mistakes.  Taking chances is part of growing and learning.  If we try to limit our exposure to possible harm or failure we will not only be disappointed, but we will also miss out on amazing experiences and opportunities.  Failure is a part of life and sometimes we learn our best lessons from our mistakes and failures.  The good from life is a mixed blessing.  There is most often a cost involved in success and life experience.  Consider it a trial-and-error experiment where we sometimes don’t know what to do so we simply try random things until something works.  There may be several wrong choices or decisions involved in one really good one.  The mistakes and failures do not, in any way, take away from the success and brilliant accomplishments we achieve if only by accident sometimes.  For every right thing we’ve done there may be two or three wrong things we’ve done.  That’s just the way it is!  Stop beating yourself up because you’ve made bad decisions or failed in some areas.  Remind yourself of the successes and good you’ve achieved.  None of us are all good or all bad.  We (each and every one of us) are a complex combination of both good and bad with one or the other prevalent at any given time.  Stop judging your true self by others false self.  Quit comparing your private life with people’s public ones.  No one hardly ever posts their ugly pictures or shares their horrible mistakes.   We are all human and as humans we sometimes are not very nice and not very smart.  We are not, thankfully, defined by our worst moments but by our greatest ones!

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