Life is a predicament which precedes death (Henry James).  Life is a series of ups and downs. There are good things as well as bad things.  The highs don’t last but neither do the lows.  It’s not logical to expect things to always be a certain way all the time.  When we are experiencing joy, happiness, success, and pleasure, it’s easy to forget that it’s not likely to stay that way forever (we can still enjoy it when it’s there).  On the other hand, the same thing applies to the difficult times (we ignore the good to come).  Over-emphasizing the bad will only make it worse.  To survive, thrive, and grow, we can remind ourselves that everything is temporary.  We can look back on terrible things we have survived.  We can give ourselves credit for having made it though in spite of our circumstances.  We can salvage the good from the bad.  We can learn valuable lessons.  We can still enjoy, live, and look forward to the change that is sure to come.  No, the good never lasts but neither does the bad.  To be fair, we need to recognize that all things pass sooner or later.  Ride out the wave of bad and enjoy like crazy the good when it comes.  Wait it out when you need to get through a down phase.  Look forward to the good that follows.  Although there may be years of hard times, struggle, or pain, even in the midst of these things there are still moments of pleasure, kindness, gratitude, and joy.  It’s not all one or the other–ever.

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