There is no such thing as conditional love.  If an individual has rules about showing, withholding, or proving love then it really isn’t love.  When strings are attached it’s a weapon being used against you.  It’s a control or manipulation tactic.  Real love is not based on whether you do or don’t do as someone else wants.  Love, also, isn’t only about one person in the relationship.  A relationship involves two people and true love flows both ways (even friendships are based on love).  If only one person in the pair are expected to earn, prove, or work to get or keep love then it’s not love.  Love cannot be destroyed and if it’s true then it’s always there (even when the relationship cannot be maintained for one reason or another).  There is never a person you loved that you can stop loving.  Looking back on broken relationships, you can tell which ones were based on real love (on your end) by the fact you continue to care about the wellbeing of that individual (even if you 100% never want to ever see that person again because of what they did to you).  We can choose to separate ourselves from someone for self-preservation or because the relationship is one-sided.  It is very hurtful when you realize you have loved someone who did not return that love.  It’s sad when you accept the other party has (or had) no concern with you or your wellbeing.   Love can be confused with lust, want, and need.  Many long-term relationships are based on things outside of love. Ultimately, the best check-list to see if what you are experiencing in a relationship is real love is found in First Corinthians chapter 13 (Christian Bible).


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