If you have a choice, buy the pretty one (Diane Webb).  Whether it’s a house, car, shirt, or pencil, whenever you have options among several products, chose the one that is pleasing to the eye–the one that lifts your spirit just by looking at it.  It might be a nice color, or it might have a pretty graphic.  Something as simple as glitter or a pretty color can go a long way to helping you feel better on a bad day.  So we might not be able to afford a fancy car or expensive home but we can spend a few pennies more for a pretty pen, a nice bar of soap, or the sandwich bags with decals on it.  We don’t always have to by the least expensive option we are offered.  While it is admirable to be frugal, it’s also okay to splurge on a few nice things for yourself.  You don’t always have to buy clothes that are on sale.  If money is tight there are plenty of options in second hand and thrift stores.  Don’t always deprive yourself.  You are worth spending a little extra money on for something relatively unimportant but still pretty.  Go ahead, get that pen or pencil with the crazy feathers!


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