Living isn’t for wimps no matter what age you are (Carolyn Brown).  Every stage and age represents new challenges and difficulties.  What seemed stressful or impossible during childhood was second nature by high school.  Things we feared in high school are jokes or fond memories during college.  Anxiety, deadlines, and requirements we lost sleep over in college are remembered as the “best days of my life”.  Rather than enjoy, savor, and appreciate the day we are in (which we seldom do) we either yearn for the past or hope (and pray) for a better future.  Meanwhile we miss our life.  Sure, every phase of our life has its good and its bad.  The bad does not erase the good and the good does not evaporate because of the bad.  Life is full of both.  We could enjoy the good, learn from the bad, and have a good life in spite of the challenges, setbacks, and disappointments.  We could….


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