Is your attitude worth catching?  The problem is that bad attitudes seem to be more contagious than good ones.  One person with a sour outlook in a room full of people with a positive spirit can turn the whole group negative.  It’s hard to keep up a happy demeanor in the presence of someone discouraging.  It’s difficult to be positive when every hopeful statement is shot down.  Regardless, it’s important to at least try not to let others drag you down.  More importantly, don’t be that one negative influence.  If you are going to impact others let it be in a good way.  There is always a way to look at any situation either positively or negatively.  Try to see the positive if you can without ignoring the information that might be less encouraging.  With so much bad in the world and the presence of real less than desirable circumstances, we don’t have to make things worse with a bad attitude. D. Webb April 2017

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