As a social worker I have come across some people who were facing homelessness, had little or no income, and were unable to afford the bare basic necessities yet would refuse options and resources offered.  There were those who refused a job because it was beneath their training and education level.  Others refused affordable housing because it was in a less than desirable neighborhood.  There were those who turned their noses up at offered food items or scoffed at second-hand clothing.  Some would refuse to ask help of family and friends (that would have surely helped) and instead slept in their cars, abandoned houses, or the woods because they did not want their relatives to know how bad it was.  I remember the crap-jobs I took as well as the roach and mice infested places I lived in when I needed a job (any job) and rented the places I could afford at the time.  I remember asking my mother to freeze her left overs instead of giving them to the dogs and I gladly brought this food home in a cooler to feed myself and my two small children at the time.  I remember working in a bar because that was the only job I could find even though I had a two-year degree and was another year into a 4 year degree.  I went years relying on second-hand stores for clothing.  Sure, I have pride too but I can and will swallow my pride if I have to (goodness knows I’ve had to).  What limits would I go to feed myself?  What would have I done to keep my children from going hungry?  How far would I have degraded myself?  I don’t know and hope I never have to find out.  I do know when working with people there are some people who refuse help because of their ego and there are others who not only lower themselves to face their circumstances but do so with graciousness in these less-than-charitable times we live in.  My heart goes out to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they don’t know where they will sleep or what they will eat.  I’ll do my best to help them all regardless.  It’s just harder to find help to meet the standards and specifications of some.

inside cabin

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