I do believe in using things or passing them on to someone who will.  Keeping things stored year after year until they are no longer usable (because of deterioration) seems very wrong.  Things are meant to be used and there does appear to be a Universal Principle at play.  Look at how quickly homes and buildings decay when left empty.  How many times have I pulled out a long-neglected electronic only to find it no longer worked (even though it might have been sparkling new when I stored it)?  I saved a new, mint condition, Furby from the 1980’s in it’s original box unopened for over 30 years.  When I finally opened it and put batteries in it did not work.  It’s worthless now and I had saved it hoping it would “be worth something one day”.  Money is the same way–it’s meant to be used.  I think of my sweet grandmother who lived in virtual poverty only to discover her wealth after her death.  Her estate caused estrangement in some of her children that lasted 15 years.  Wouldn’t it had been better for her to either use her wealth while she was living or distribute it as she saw fit before her death?  I don’t store things away and am constantly having to replace something I gave away or sold dirt cheap at a yard sale.  I still feel it’s better than stock piling things that someone else can use now.  I have heard myself say many times “It’s not doing anyone any good on this shelf”.  My heirs will not have to worry about any secret wealth I am holding on to!

front view of cabin

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