Say “no” to the first person who wants to marry you.  Perhaps it’s best to say “no” to the first several people who want to marry you.  If that first one is the “real one” then they will be patient and not try to rush you.   We are vulnerable sometimes and I’ve noticed that people up to no good usually approach me before I approach them.  They are, in effect, predators.  Whether it’s rushing me to commit to a relationship before I’ve had time to think it through or pressuring me to give them money or some other kind of assistance I’ve noticed this pattern.  Often the first person to present themselves to you in many contexts are not really on your side.  They have some need of their own they want you for so they go after you aggressively.  If you’ve ever experienced this phenomenon then you know what I mean.  If you haven’t then you are already wise.  There is no worst mistake you can make than to align yourself or your life with the wrong person–someone who is not concerned with your best interest.  It is very difficult to un-entangle yourself from a bad relationship and often (if not always) the effects of that bad entanglement are for life.  Be careful who you love and be even more careful who you marry.  There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing and wolves devour.


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