When I’m having a bad week at work, I remind myself that no one has died.  In the infrequent situations where someone has actually died, I want to be sure I did everything I could have done given any opportunities I may have had to help the person.  I focus, therefore, every day on doing everything I can during the opportunities I have.  It’s so easy to get caught up in details of tasks that, while urgent at the moment, are not really relevant to life and death.  With reports, deadlines, and urgent matters that are demanding our attention, it’s a minute by minute challenge to keep the right perspective.  If taking longer than normal to interact with someone means being late on a report then I am careful to put the report down.  What matters in long run are people.  People should always come first over tasks.  I cannot emphasize this enough because I have learned this the hard way.  Some missed opportunities never come around again.   No matter what your involved in on a day-to-day basis, try not to lose your focus on what matters.  Don’t let stress over mundane things steal your hours, your days,  and eventually your life.  Nurture the relationships that matter most.  Time slips away and while we’ve spent our time on mindless activities that lead to nothing, we miss the finite moments allowed us with people we love. (written for webbwisdom.com 3/3/18)


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