If it creates too much stress in my life then it’s got to go–even if it’s a relationship.  The older I get the less patience and tolerance I have for unnecessary drama or stress. There are many stressful things and situations we have little or no control over. Therefore, I do try to minimize or eliminate the sources of stress I do have control over.  If something creates stress, conflict, or strife between myself and someone I care about, I remove that thing from my life.  People are more important to me than money, time, or material goods.  I don’t think the selection of a movie or restaurant is worth arguing over.  This is not to say I am a door mat and never express my opinion.  It’s just that me fighting for my own way in a matter at the expense of another person is really counter productive.  There are most often other choices in a matter in which all can agree on.  There are some relationships, too, that create stress and anxiety unnecessarily.  I move away from these relationships too.  At work, there are sources of stress I can avoid and I can certainly exert some control over what I expose myself too.  By limiting the stress I do have control over, I am less affected by the stress I have no control over.  Stress is part of life and can be good in some ways (as a motivator or to add excitement).  On the other hand, too much stress can interfere with your ability to think straight and to make good decisions.  Stress can also have an adverse affect on your physical health.  Look closely at your own role in creating stress and take steps to limit the amount of stress you create, reinforce, or participate in whenever possible.  Your emotional and physical health will thank you.


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