Instead of worrying about something, pray against it.  I don’t mean pray about it.  I mean pray against it.  If you worry about your car breaking down or needing repairs, pray against it (“I pray against anything happening to my car”).  This is different from “please, God, don’t let anything happen to my car”.   I’m beginning to believe that anxious thoughts may very well be spiritual warnings.  We do have the ability to intervene before something takes place.  I don’t understand everything.  I am not a super spiritual person with all kinds of heavenly insight.  I just know what has and has not worked for me personally.  I have experienced instant and supernatural answers to my prayers in ways that there would be no logical explanation for using physical laws.  I am a believer in the supernatural world.  There are things about the spiritual world we may never understand.  I believe there are spiritual laws just as there are physical laws.  Short of miracles and God intervening because of his sovereign will, our free will (freedom of choice) is respected.  What we say and think does matter.  Some things require verbalizing, agreeing to, or accepting to occur (there are exceptions I am sure).  There is much truth to when horror movies depict evil beings not being able to enter someone’s home without permission.  I believe the laws of the Universe often dictate a verbal indication of will to set things in motion.  Getting back to worry–is it possible we inadvertently give permission or agree to things to happen?  (I am not implying we are to blame for every bad thing that happens to us).  Is it conceivable that by saying or thinking “I know my car is going to break down eventually so I just hope and pray it’s not before I get paid” are we providing consent?  I submit that, yes, we do, in fact, give consent (or at least sit passively by without taking advantage of an opportunity to pray against it).  Whether people believe it or not, the spiritual (or supernatural) world does exist.  The consistent themes century after century in the portrayal of demons, angels, good, and evil alike are based in spiritual truths.  Truth always rises to the top so no matter the country, time frame, culture, or people involved, there are repetitive truths passed down from generation to generation.  We sometimes use the spiritual truths for our good.  Other times we use these spiritual truths to our detriment.  While I’m not sure that garlic will keep vampires away, I do believe that evil cannot enter my home (or my life) unless I consent or bring it in (not discounting exceptions by God such as in the circumstances of Job).  By the same logic, I will take care to watch my thoughts and words.  I will also pray against anything that I am concerned about.



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